With all the summer camps out there to choose from, have you ever wondered what makes a summer camp fun?  At Kumbuka Summer Camp we decided to develop our summer camp programs for children aged 5 to 12, making creating a memorable and fun summer one of our top goals.

Nothing is worse than having your children drag their feet off to their summer camp because they feel as if they could be having more fun at home.  The more things there are to do, the more a summer camp is able to appeal to each individual child’s taste. This is why we really focused on creating a diverse and interest grabbing summer camp at Kumbuka Summer Camp.

Children who attend our summer camp are able to choose from an array of weekly themes filled with exciting games, crafts, activities, and outings. We are determined to create a platform that allows for children to unleash their imaginations and channel it through various avenues of fun and entertainment. Not only in games and activities we have infused our program with cultural aspects from the communities around us to create a global community experience. For the fun loving, adventurous child there are loads of interest grabbing activities that we make available at our summer camp. We aim to keep Kumbuka Summer Camp on the cutting edge of fun, fun and more fun!

At Kumbuka Summer Camp we promote teamwork, honesty, respect, and fitness wrapped up in oodles of fun. As you can see Kumbuka Summer Camp offers an exciting and stimulating variety of activities for all our campers!

So now you know what makes Kumbuka Summer Camp fun! Register Today!


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